We are an insect tech startup developing on-site food waste recycle system utilizing Black Soldier Fly(BSF). BSF larvae can decompose almost everything organic at an incredible rate and the mature larvae itself can be used as a protein rich chicken or fish feed. We developed a small scale food recycle box called “Grubin” and introduced them to company restaurants at first.

National Federation of Fisheries Co-operqtive Associations

FullDepth Co.,Ltd.

Dive into Frontier
 Deep Ocean is full of mystery. How can we make under water as the human territory? FullDepth, the only one professional ROV maker in Japan, provides the solution for it. We already have commercialized ROV DiveUnit300, which can dive up to 300 meters. We’ll continuously provide under water drones and solutions by employing cutting-edge technologies as the unique Dive into Frontier Company.


Headquartered in Tokyo, BASE FOOD is reimagining staple ingredients and wholesome eating. From bread to noodles, we produce high-quality, flavorful products that are nutritionally-balanced and convenient. We believe “good food” should be good for you. Launched in 2016 by Shun Hashimoto, investors include Rakuten Ventures, Global Brain and XTech Ventures. BASE FOOD has generated significant buzz overseas for replacing conventional, “empty-carb” noodles with a convenient, more nutritious alternative.

National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations

The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH) is in charge of the marketing and supply business of the JA Group. ZEN-NOH is adopting innovative technologies such as fully automated drones and agricultural information and communication technologies (ICT) to help save labor and visualize agricultural work and management.


We help commercial food service locations serve blended beverages and food (cold or hot) while minimizing labor and space.

inaho INC.

Developed a new service using an automatic vegetable harvesting robot. A business model that lends robots to farmers and receives usage fees according to the harvest. This model supports farming that requires the judgment of the representative of the harvest with "AI" and "Robotics".

Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

Hitachi Systems is a leading IT service provider specializing in developing and implementing business systems for customers of diverse sectors and sizes. We also operate, monitor, and maintain those systems by using a multi-tiered service infrastructure comprising data centers, network and security operations centers, contact centers, and a nationwide network of around 300 service sites.

The Norinchukin Bank

The mission of The Norinchukin Bank is to fully support Japan’s agricultural, fisheries and forestry industries as the national-level organization of JA Bank Group,JF Marine Bank Group and JForest Group. Through this support, the Bank contributes to the development of food production and consumption and a better quality of life for the people living in local



We do not seek to create a robot out of a fantasy; we want to create robots for people. Through these initiatives, we will strive to achieve transformations that make the world a better place, and that make people’s lives easier. We are supporting to solve problems of farmers with our product Muscle Suit.