Hirotsugu Saito

Owner, Practitioner, Researcher, Founder, Natural Way of Small Family Farmers“Jinendo"


I am natural way of small family farmer.
“Jinendo” is our house name.
Practitioner of “Fukuoka Masanobu's Natural Farming”
Researcher of “Agriculutural Work-Life Balance”and Agroecology.
One of the founders of Family Farming Platform Japan established in 2019.

My basic ideas: “Agriculture is a social project”.
I would like to present a vision of a world where people consider agriculture
not as a personal job but as a social project, and where everyone rediscover
values of agriculture and that of rural farming villages.
I believe that life design which has “ soil” under every person’s foot is
the grand design for sustainable society.
From Japan to the World!
What kind of agricluture do we need to live on the earth?
"Agriculutural Movement for and by All Global Citizens" leading to "Green Life Chain" 
Everyone,be One-Seed Farmers!


Rural communities of the future: How will they look in 50 years